Cranial Remolding

Overview Of Plagiocephaly

cranial remolding 300x300 Cranial RemoldingOne out of every 300 live births results in a baby born with the plagiocephaly –torticollis deformation sequence. Positional plagiocephaly is characterized by: flattening of one side of the occiput, forward progression of the ear on the same side, and bossing of the ipsilateral forehead.

For those infants who do not make progress with therapy or positioning by three months of age, the prescription of a custom orthosis is recommended. We utilize a unique layering technique for our helmets, which gives the Orthotist the ability to remove layers whenever necessary, thereby allowing the infants head to grow in a normal fashion.

Protocol For Treatment

cranial remolding2 300x300 Cranial RemoldingThe following guidelines are provided to ensure that the identification of Plagiocephaly and the referral for treatment, are managed to provide optimal results for each patient.

  • It is recommended that at three months of age, as a standard of practice, each child be evaluated and measured for cranial symmetry. Anthropometric calipers may be used for manual measurement taking
  • If it is determined that a cranial asymmetry of 8mm or greater is present, the child needs to be referred to a trained specialist in cranial remolding for treatment, care, and tracking of progress.

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