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pedorthic sas shoe Pedorthic ServicesA Certified Pedorthist, or C. Ped. provides care to patients with congenital or traumatic disabling conditions of the foot by evaluating, designing, fabricating, fitting or modifying footwear at the request of and in conjunction with prescribing physicians. The C. Ped. assists in formulating prescriptions for footwear and examines the patients pedorthic needs in relation to their condition and/or functional loss.

In providing the appropriate footwear the Pedorthist is responsible for formulating and overseeing the design and selection of materials, the making of all necessary casts, measurements, impressions including model modifications and layouts. He/she is responsible for performing fittings including static and dynamic alignments; evaluating the footwear on the patient; instructing the patient on use and break-in; and maintaining patient records; all in conformity with the prescription. A Certified Pedorthist is required to keep abreast of current trends and developments by attending mandatory classes maintain his/her accreditation.

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